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10 hours ago, guinness said:

Thistle hang on to win. Neither of these sides would last five minutes in the  premier League. Very entertaining match. Still expect the Premier side In the play offs should win.  If Partick were to  be  promoted almost none of their players are good enough to step up. 

Watched online while MrsS was watching some nonsense on channel 4, I would agree with what you've said but was impressed by the Airdrie players fighting all the way, both games were entertaining.

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Spurs 0-2 Man City, not been a great game, the bits I watched, but at this stage it's all about the results and points.

City go into the final game with a 2 point lead.

I thought some time ago this would go to the wire and it has.

Roll on Sunday. 

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2-1  Thistle at half time. Entertaining match though poor quality. Raith the better footballing side . Thistle tend to be long ball and hope for flicks or luck. However full marks to BBC Scotland for showing these Champions hip  matches.  Overall they have been brilliant entertainment. Much more attacking play than in our League. Both teams usual!y look as if they were trying to win rather than hold out for draws. Championship may be poor quality but it is extremely entertaining. 

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Not exactly latest scores but not worth starting a thread over.

I have been listening to my friends and workmates who follow, follow the rangers going on about how much better it is now the have Clement in charge.



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8 hours ago, faraway saint said:

As I thought some time ago the top league has gone down to the wire. 

City hold the advantage, but if they drop any points the advantage switches to Arsenal with a slightly better goal difference. 

Can't wait. 👍


City 2-0 West Ham, the man if the season Foden, with an early brace.

League title all but on it's way to Manchester.

19 mins. 

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