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What are you drinking?

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Not at present, but around about 8.00 last night.................................


Cairngorm Brewery Buzz Honey ale.

£1.85 a 500ml bottle from Sainsbury's.

Followed by a can of


Jaw Brewery Reef beer

£1.65 a 330ml bottle from Morrison's. Slightly dearer if you pop down to their brewery and shop in Hillington Industrial estate and buy it in cans. However, you can buy all their other beers there.


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On 19/02/2017 at 9:05 AM, saintnextlifetime said:

. .this feels like a Sh**l thread , that, has escaped from the Nightshift section . .

I was thinking that too.

Freshly sooked pineapple juice straight from the pineapple. Took a couple of days holiday and Just been on a two day bender organised around Sunday's game. Think I drank my allocated alcohol units for the whole year in two days Might have to tell lies to the doctor/wife so I can squeeze in a couple of shandies at the Ayr Game. Of course I'll only be drinking Irn Bru at the cup final. Wink wink!  Don't judge me I went to fecking Paisley for my holidays what do you expect me to do. Go shopping and sunbathe at the Lagoon.

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