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The Scottish Football Book 1960


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A while ago, in clearing my mum's house, I discovered in a box, the Scottish Football Book 1960. It was a hard-back affair and appeared to be the annual season review. The book opened with an account of Hearts winning the title at Killie's expense with a game against us at Love Street. Later in the book was a feature on Gerry Baker. The rest of the book covered the international team's progress and the story of the season for clubs like Clyde, Motherwell, Celtic, Rangers....

I have scanned and tarted up the pages relevant to us, hopefully some folk will find it interesting. There are eight pages, the first five relate to the game at LS, the last three are the Gerry Baker article. I will attach a scanned page as individual posts. The initial story about Hearts at Love Street goes on to a further three pages from where I stopped scanning, but those pages amount to an overall review of Hearts season. I loved reading stuff like Hearts fans were 'gay in maroon rosettes..' Different times!




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That's brilliant poz I used to love getting my Scottish football annual sadly all left in my grannys house when we emigrated in 69......they were a highlight of the year used to scour the pages for anything and everything on the buds. I wish you could still get them I often look in secondhand bookshops even over here in Nz you find the odd football annual but yet to find a scottish one.....and that strip was the first one i was ever given as an 6 or 7 yr old ....umm I'm getting a lump in ma throat :lol: great stuff pal

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