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St Mirren v Hibs 1st March

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What a brilliant result.

Long way to go, odds still against us id imagine but this has been a great couple of weeks, results wise. Clean sheets, playing well and manager deserves huge credit.

Well done to every fan tonight again, really great vocal support.

Have to give Neil Lennon some credit too - Ambrose signing really helped us out

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Full time 2-0

At least what we deserved. Dominated the game from start to finish and could have easily won by more. We must have missed at least three gilt edged chances in the second half alone. It was a complete cakewalk.

Got to give JR and the team credit, its starting to look like we could just about do the Steve McQueen. Still 5 points behind 9th of course and still a long way to go... We are in with a shout at least.

As for Hibs, absolutely no one will be surprised when they finish second and lose in the play offs for the 4th (fourth) year in a row.

Boyle and Gray will be having nightmares about Stelios and Morgan for a long time after that. You don't often see such domination on one flank as we did tonight. Twice the left back over laps, twice he cuts back on to us right, twice he shoots and twice he scores. Stelios is some boy incidentally.

And another thing, John McGinn a million pound player? Oh, my f**king sides

Steve McQueen didn't actually escape. Let's hope we do a James Coburn. I catch your drift though.
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