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Scotland Football Club ( deceased )

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9 hours ago, TPAFKA Jersey 2 said:

Overall a classic Scotland performance against a “wee team”.

Plenty of intricate passing play. f**k all end product. 

Aye, a familiar pattern, doesn't look as though the football authorities, with their think tanks, new approaches, trying to copy every other country who is successful, have a clue.

The heady days of the 70's to the 90's where we at least qualified for major tournaments (let's not mention what happened when we got there) are long gone and don't look like returning.

Ach, feck it, we'll skelp the Ruskies tonight and all will be good again. :clapping


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1 hour ago, faraway saint said:

Anyhow, stating the fecking obvious, a win is required tonight.

A draw, meh, a loss and it's goodnight, thanks for coming.

Unfortunately due to a feck up I'll be at the local theatre and will miss it. :thumbsdown

  Team P GD Pts
1   Belgium 4 10 12
2   Russia 4 12 9
3   Kazakhstan 4 0 6
4   Scotland 4 -3 6
5   Cyprus 4 1 3
6   San Marino 4 -20 0

Gave up on the other Scotland thread, thought I'd try in here although got a feeling there will be numerous posts adding next to feck all.

Can but try. 

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I’ll be watching the game in Inverness tonight, before heading up to Wick on Saturday for this weekend’s big match, Wick Academy v Turiff United. Agree a win is a must or we’re goosed.

Don’t forget though, if all else fails, we’ve still got the Nations League play off to fall back on.......................................and f**k up.

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17 hours ago, faraway saint said:

77% possession for Scotland, doesn't look like San Marino are bringing through a crop of youngsters to worry teams in the future. :lol:

I know we slate St Mirren not bringing through forwards but seems we are not alone in that department

Where are our young forwards?

Our clubs aren't producing them plenty of midfielders though

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1 hour ago, whydowebother said:

A frenetic game

Scotland 3-1 Russia

I agree with the first part WDWB. 

Truthfully though, I couldn't begin to predict the scoreline. We do seem to have more players in the squad who are playing with top clubs in England or with Scottish Clubs in Europe and that has to be good. 

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