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Good night for the young Scots. Some cracking goals in a 6-1 win. If you weren't there Give the you tube video a go just for the goals.
Also some bizarre refereeing and a really cynical Montenegran team. If that's them at 17s level when they should be enjoying the game I'd hate to see them in the senior ranks. Play acting stealing at least 10-15 yards every throw. And it was a Scot booked for simulation! Despite being barged of the ball. Soft penalty of given. But certainly not a dive.
Bring on the Serbs.

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3 hours ago, Dirty Sanchez said:

This match was supposed to have been played at Crappielow, but was switched due to 'unforeseen circumstances'.

I wonder what the story was there, given that Crappielow hosted another game from the group yesterday.


Something wrong with the Crappielow floodlights.


I'm sure I posted this last night after shulls opening thread.:unsure:

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On ‎19‎/‎03‎/‎2017 at 10:10 AM, faraway saint said:

Live on Sky I fink.

Sums up those who run our football. Able to watch England game on tv but have to subscribe to ppv to see your own country, and been like this for quite a time now. Wont be watching either as no interest since Strachan involvement.

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Can't believe how much Scotland have regressed since Scott Brown returned.
Actually, can't believe how far we have regressed in last 18 months.
Actually, make that 18 years

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