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30 minutes ago, faraway saint said:

These subjective ideas are next to meaningless. 

Also you, as usual, fail to take into account who we are playing.

Anyhow, back to the game, Gordon has only had another effort to save so while they have more possession, they are a patient side who don't attack in waves or with great pace. 

Gordon must be knackerd, kicking the ball out about every 2 mins. :lol:

Half time, 2-0. 


See the last thing I said for my issues with that first half performance ^^

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Well, 2-0, first half we were all over the place, second half probably were close to equal with the Danes.

Disaster losing 2 goals in the blink of an eye, if we'd kept it to the one there's always a chance we could have sneaked a point.

Must win on Saturday against Moldova.

The early point lost to Austria IMO was a sore one, we could need to beat them next week away from home. 

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6 minutes ago, Saint@Johnstone said:

Just watched the highlights, Scotland are hopeless. Defence poor and nothing up front. Already out of the World Cup. Long past caring , quite honestly but still dispiriting. Manager should be removed after the Austria defeat.

You're a walloper. :lol:

Made your mind up before the game, as you do with all games.

Nothing to see here. :byebye

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  • shull changed the title to Scotland v Moldova World Cup Qualifier
9 minutes ago, Cumbriansaint72 said:

Would have thought we would have added goalwise to be honest. Everything played too tight. Moldova to be fair so defensive but always the worry that thing could go tits up if we give silly fouls away too at 1 nil.

Missed 2 or 3 great chances, finishing has been poor, general play half decent at times.

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