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6 hours ago, BuddieinEK said:

That you, in your tiny mind, thinks that is even a failed attempt at humour says so much about you bully boy. 

A sad, needy troll. 

^^^^^ Professional mourner and troll, what an achievement. :lol:

ONLY came into this thread to troll, no interest in the subject, tragic. :byebye

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6 hours ago, portmahomack saint said:

Covering yourself as usual  :lol: 

Being a big Scottish Nationalist and independence supporter a generation is every 2 year  :whistle

Covering myself.............like you with "I did say he should have gone abroad"...................didn't you mention Barcelona? :lol:

Or did you mean he should have went for a long weekend on holiday? :lol:

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6 hours ago, Callum Gilhooley said:

Obviously would rather have had Gallagher in the team - I think Porteous is an out n out cheat (For Hibs) and an arse ……….but he did do well tonight .

Was caught under cross balls on a couple of occasions and had a couple of misplaced passes after good interventions but overall 7/10 for me , and that tackle in the box was perfection. 😎👍



This pretty much sums up the situation on Porteous.................as I've mentioned, last night could be a game changer for him, time will tell. 

Scroll your way down the reaction to Scotland's line-up announcement for Tuesday's Nations League decider with Ukraine and the narrative is clear.

Social media can be a negative echo chamber at the best of times, but the idea of Hibernian centre-back Ryan Porteous receiving his first senior cap in Krakow, in a game of such high stakes against Ukraine, was outrageous to many.

The 23-year-old's ability isn't often questioned, but a reputation of being ill-disciplined has followed the defender, who has been shown four red cards in his short career.

Just over a week ago, he was accused of "blatant cheating" by Aberdeen manager Jim Goodwin for his role in Liam Scales' sending off in the Pittodrie side's defeat at Easter Road.

Ten days later, he has been hailed for an "outstanding" debut by national team coach Steve Clarke after a standout defensive performance in the Scots' draw in Poland, which helped secure Nations League promotion to League A.

"I'm so pleased for the boy," Clarke added. "It shows that he listens and he learns."


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Interesting point made about Israel, glad we're avoiding them, always a tight game........................

So Scotland have defied the odds to clinch a place among the second pot of seeds for the Euro 2024 qualification draw.

And, more importantly, they will now avoid yet another couple of games with Israel. Yaldi.

The top two earn places in Germany automatically and Scotland are guaranteed a play-off place should things go awry. So who would you want in the group when the balls are plucked on Sunday, 9 October?

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I managed to get finished work and caught the last 10 minutes fo the first half and the rest of the game.

At times we are a wee bit inclined to pass back more than I prefer but there are times we do pass the ball quite well and have some nice attacking moves.

We have came back after a poor start in this nations league so great credit to Steve Clarke and all the players who have been involved and that's quite a few.

I still feel we let ourselves down in the world cup play off game against Ukraine although I couldn't be sure we'd have beat Wales.



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10 minutes ago, TPAFKA Jersey 2 said:

Draw for the Euro 2024 qualifiers is on at 11.00am for anyone interested.

Scotland in pot 2 thanks to recent exploits. 

Good man, I just caught a snippet earlier and I thought it was tomorrow. :lol:

PS You can watch it here....................... https://www.uefa.com/

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1 minute ago, StanleySaint said:

Just looked at the caveats for the draw, you could be watching that for a while, with political exclusions, geographic locations and weather considerations it looks more complicated than gatting a VAR decision!

See below

Who can play each other?

For the most part, any team can play anyone else from another pot. There are several restrictions that prevent some countries from being paired together however.

For political reasons, Armenia and Azerbaijan will be kept apart, as will Belarus and Ukraine and Gibraltar and Spain. Kosovo cannot be in a group with Bosnia-Herzegovina or Serbia.

Only two Nordic or Baltic countries can be drawn together because of severe winter conditions.

Because of the locations of Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Iceland on the far edges of Europe - they can only be drawn with one team from the opposite side of the continent.

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