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Super Stelios

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Absolutely delighted to see Stelios could be on his way back. A very positive signing. The guy is an entertainer and I am excited by his return and I think most fans will be to.

With the loss of Mallan its vital we find goals from the rest of the side and I think Stelios will chip in with a few assists and goals plus the defensive cover he offers for either full back positions.

When we are at home to the likes of Brechin and Livingston and we need to change things and get a goal then bringing the likes of Stelios off the bench for eckersley or Irvine to lift the crowd and the team.

It's a win win for everyone.


I think in the coming weeks we might actually land Rory Loy too. Even signing Davis doesn't seem too far fetched now. It's been a mad a few weeks so I think anything possible.

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Great to have him back for next season. 

He should start every week in my opinion. He's a goal threat from left  back and creates chances from right back. I see why jack went with Irvine and Eckersley mostly but think that was more to do with where we were in the league at the time. We're not starting the season from playing catch up and can afford to take chances right from the off whereas losing an early goal in any game towards the end of the season wasn't a risk worth taking considering the position we were in. 

Throw caution to the wind this season and blow teams away and we'll hopefully be celebrating a title win.


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2 hours ago, saintnextlifetime said:

He has just been spotted at the Gretna designer outlets. .

In which case he'll be photographed tomorrow wearing Trespass mountaineering boots, a Cotton Traders 'Guinness' rugby shirt, Marks & Spencer outlet crimpylene slacks, and chomping on a bag of Cadbury mis-shapes.

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