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Hibernian v St Mirren Championship 6/5/17


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I'll try to word this better! As an example - in 2013 I drove home with my St Mirren scarf shoved out the car window to allow it to pwoudly, vewy pwoudly, flutter in the air for all to see. 
I wouldn't do that because we avoided relegation, and I fully recognise the bloody effort the manager and players put in to ensure relegation never happened.
A quiet beer for me and hopes for a better overall season next time. Well played Jack and the boys though. Very, very well played.

You and faraway should book a room and have a respectful game of doms. Me , I'll raise a glass to a team reborn after five years of abject pish !!
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Fantastic day ,roller coaster end to a roller coaster season! Echoing all the above comments the players in 2017 deserve great credit as does jack Ross.  I also think Gordon Scott and the board deserve credit also they made some tough decisions at a difficult time. The fans have been brilliant as usual and I am sure if the board resist the urge to punt our best players during the summer and let jack get a few extra bodies in then we will be out in force again next season to watch a team that I genuinely think will win the league. Just a wee mention for stelios at the end spent ages talking to and signing autographs for all the young buddies .

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2 hours ago, Kemp said:

Have seen some videos of the Hibs support giving the St Mirren players and supporters a standing ovation at the end.

And well bloody deserved it was too!

Best of luck to Hibs next season, hope they can join Aberdeen in fighting the Celtic, Sevco, Hearts axis of evil.

Just as the Saints players were leaving the pitch I watched what you mentioned above at the same time a few fellow Saints fans started shouting abuse about Hibs had a quick word said show a little respect like the Hibs fans are doing they quickly changed their tune.

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3 hours ago, faraway saint said:

Relief, quiet contentment and look forward.

Nothing more.

 Yeah . For me every away game and every home game and every penny spent and every emotion felt went into that 90 minutes today . Season ticket sales will go up . 

As for you ? You paid your money to Hibs TVs . 

Super dooper fan.. 

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Our stand was absolutely rocking today, my daughter and I were over at the far left side and I was watching the Hibs fans in their main stand an the staff in the corner, the looks on their faces!! We totally out sung, out drummed and out clapped them.

Great day, I even got a handshake from my cult hero Stelios at the end (prior to him almost falling backwards over the advertising board.

Very strange day as I woke up this morning feeling terribly ill (food poisoning or a bug), however we stuck to our commitment and I am so glad.

Everyone associated with our club deserves huge credit, the courage the directors, management & players have shown is outstanding, it would have been very easy to hide today but no, each and everyone fought for their jersey (and each other).


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1 hour ago, shull said:

Very good comments there.

Does anyone know what the song was that Hibs were singing and was also on the tannoy just before kick off where their fans were building up to song starting by having their hands out shouting wooooooh???

Trying to explain to my son what it is but forgot the name of the song.

Definitely helped with the atmosphere.

Edited to add Carnival de Paris 1998 world cup song

Edited by Ronnie
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Just beautiful, one of the most nerve destroying days of my life. I remember Stirling, but not like this. It's hard to explain. You wake up, you get a bus, car or walk to wherever your train, car or bus is taking you. We've made noise and stood by our team, before we were asked too.(that too deserves double o).The football has been played, we turned out before the pumpings started. 6-2, 4-1, 5-0. They were all coming. We were good, we deserved everything we got. Big drummer Josh, bow down, not your drum, just pffft, you brought passion back, with the rest of the active.

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