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Love St redevelopment approved.

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As much as we joke, Perhaps Gordon Scott and SMISA could work with Paul Kelly at AS Homes to ensure the history of the club and site is reflected and recognised in the development. It is a really good opportunity and important part of the town's history, never mind the club.

Plenty of fitba ground redevelopments have cleverly incorporated the site's history. I like the idea of having cobbled lines through the streets to reflect the pitch markings...similar to the way the route of the Berlin wall is remembered.

Middlesbrough's old ground, Ayresome Park, was turned into a housing estate. There are a few subtle sculptures around the estate...a football where the centre spot would have been, a pair of boots I think where the dugout was  and jackets hanging on a fence to indicate where the goalposts would have been. Simple, but a wee nod to the history.

In terms of street names, Dargo Drive to celebrate the final goal! 


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35 minutes ago, Gordon Urquhart said:

On a related theme was in Britsh Legion club on Glasgow Rd today for a funeral.
Saw they are fair cracking on with what was going to be Tesco site, Lidl now?

Have they moved Glasgow Rd?

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Remember guys you have to vote via the proper link - names on here mean sod all.

Two streets already named are North Bank and Cairter's Corner. 5 more to get a name.

My submission is

Ross Road after our Championship winning manager this year.

Goodwin Gate after our league Cup winning captain.

Abercrombie Avenue after our last Cup winning captain

Sir Alex Way after Alex Ferguson's Championship winning team of 77 with a team of teenagers.

Fitzpatrick Place after our captain of that Championship winning team, former manager and current CEO.

If they add another street in a year or two then McGinn Mews after our Championship winning captain this year. :)

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