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55 minutes ago, faraway saint said:

Buxton v Morecambe just about to start on BBC1. 

I lived/worked in Buxton for 6 months, cracking wee town, lots of nice places and the people were very welcoming.

Hope they win, the ground was just around the corner from where I was living. 

Typical Buxton weather, absolutely killing the picture quality, thrashing down with rain.

Buxton 0-1 Morecambe. 

29 mins, boo. 

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Weather there looks bloody awful, just heard the commentator say Buxton were formed in 1877, it's a sign!!
Noticed the whisky that's part of the Chartable Foundation auction has the date 1"77"0 on it. Coincidence

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Perfect footy weather. Mind you I wonder if the Buxton goalkeeper will give up on the idea of the big punt in  second half due to the wind...............,

Don't know if anyone picked up on the training issue for Buxton by the commentator that they train on Tuesday and Thursday's and train late on as pitch is booked out to other groups. 

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