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St Mirren v East Kilbride Challenge Cup 1st Round 15/8/17


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1 minute ago, santaponsasaint said:

win or not. the was utterly disgraceful. no desire. no effort. no ability . McShane can't cross a ball. we can't defend. and have nothing going forward. we should get refund tonight. Awful.

Quite. And even when we're trying to lose, we win. Boo! Jack must go!

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These must be the wettest knickers I have ever smelled.
FFS, its a weak XI put out for a game in a competition that we aren't particularly interested in unless we get to the latter stages.
The big guns are being kept in reserve.

What big guns? Jack sent out a fairly strong side
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1 minute ago, foxbar_bud said:

Someone said it earlier in the thread, McGinn and McShane can't play together. I actually like both, but they are both too similar.

Anyway, thank f**k it didn't go to extra time...

Also, as mentioned by others, McShane needs to be taken off corners, grim

I`ve been saying it since first seeing then play together and continue to say it.  You could chuck a Hula Hoop over them at times they play so close ,yet on the odd occasion when there is distance between them neither seems keen to involve the other !! Puzzle ! 

When Magennis is fit , drop McShane &  we will see a different McGinn

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