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Dunfermline v St Mirren SPFL Championship 16/9/17


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This is the hardest game to predict. Both teams could score blanks or anything up to 5 or 6.

As well as that - who from the injury list is available?  They too may have some injury's., strains etc.

This is a game that is so much about mentality.. a defeat is no disaster at this stage for us - we would still be a point off top.. but psychologically a win would push us well in front as well as potentially holding a 5 point lead..

I will predict a goal from Reilly and one from the midfield... maybe Smith, Morgan or Kirkpatrick (as a sub)  Dunfermline 1 v 2 The Saints - (statistics would say more likely to be 3 v 4 but I am hoping our defence tightens up a bit this week)


JR get the boys to focus on 3 more points... winning bonus... and staying top of the League.

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If the pars don't shape up on Saturday then there is a serious question as to how many real contenders there are in this division.  We could already have seen the sternest challenges that we will face in this league campaign. I  think Morton might well be the best of the rest if we remain consistent and consistently improve.

I am rarely complacent and, of course, i dont think there is overwhelming evidence yet to support the theory above, but I dont think we have seen that much from any side so far.  The main areas we need to improve are centre-mid, where we shortly have a key player returning from injury and in central defence.  Once again, we are looking to be stronger there in a few weeks than we currently are.  Add to this the fact that a couple of managers must be sweating over their jobs already, namely Mackinnon and Houston, i think at least one of these will be gone by Christmas.

If we dont see a challenge emerge before the end of the first round then there is the distinct possibility that we could consider complacency as the main obstacle.  


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Not convinced Morton are best of the rest. We were shit at Cappielow mostly because MacKenzie had concussion before the game had even started and played without informing the manager. However Morton did not really impress me that much besides Quitingo but as their main striker he has only scored 1 goal this season. Livi  looked a well organised outfit and ICT looked better than the soapdodgers to me. But I have only seen them play once so maybe they are better than I think they are. The soapdodgers certainly think we are absolute shit based on that defeat. But they are wrong :)

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The only thing I am confident predicting is that Brechin/ Dumbarton or Livi will not win the League...............

As we prepared for League One last season it showed that anything is possible ,and 35 points in 22 games also showed this league is all about confidence


Pars had Ton in their back pocket till their defence crumbled, Ton fans booing at HT................

Another thing I am pretty confident about is the result Sat will not be 0-0

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6 minutes ago, shull said:

Craig Thomson is the Referee on Saturday. 

No worries. 

He is decent at his Job. 

Oh No............................... Not CT , he is far worse than WC ( Ap Acronym )

Guy has sent off 7 players so far, he is like a fecking Traffic Warden........................:lol:

Hates Saints , Paisley and everything that Coats stood for:D



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Thomson and Collum are the f**king worst choices we could have. Collum is utterly incompetent and Thomson over compensates any time he's in charge of one of our matches. 

That the SFA have given us these two f**king clowns twice apiece in League duties already this season is ridiculous. 


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1 minute ago, shull said:


There's that P & B word again. 


What's that then? This seems to be a wee game you play in your mind as I've seen you say it a few times in relation to my posts. I'm glad it entertains you but there's literally no-one else in on your wee joke. 

So what's the word from P&B that I use that triggers you so much? 

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