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Livingston v St Mirren 17th Feb

faraway saint

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a would play hippo before Flynn,a no it's early days but Flynn not convinced me yet,love to be proven wrong,anyway am going for 4-0 buds,

I'd like to see us start with Flynn, just so Magennis can be central, and bring Hippo on from the bench.
Been a rough week but I can't see anything other than another 3 points.

2-0 (Morgan and Smith)

Be nice to see Reilly get back amongst the goals though
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6 hours ago, Ronnie said:

You don't have to work tomorrow.

Get along to Livingston FC, via the shopping centre treat your daughter to a shopping spree then to watch a thumping Saints win.

Win/Win situation for you so you miss out on a few quid on the taxi just stick £50 on Saints win & your sorted.

My daughter is going anyway. 

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1 hour ago, bonzoboys said:

Do any of the Saints supporters abroad, know if Livingstone broadcast games live? I can find LivTV up to about 2017 but nothing to say if can get today’s game. 

Even if it means giving money to Livingstone, at this stage every game is a potential cracker. 

As far as I'm aware there is no live coverage on Livi TV, it only shows highlights on their youtube channel, I tried emailing the club before our last game at Almondvale but received no response.

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On ‎11‎/‎02‎/‎2018 at 11:50 AM, Julian Banjos said:

You're right Ricky (see below): David Hopkin's talking pish. Can't see them winning that appeal. Another one of their midfielders (Shaun Byrne) received 7 stitches for a facial injury last night, so they might be struggling a bit in the centre of the park.


Yesterday, the SFA rejected the appeal of Thompson's red card so he's out for them today.

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I’m equally worried about players getting injured as I am about the result. Livingston already have  reputation for being a big physical side and I suspect Hopkins will try and put us off our style by telling his team to get in about us. That along with the state of the pitch means that we will do well to get through this unscathed both in points and in personnel.

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21 hours ago, Soctty said:

Be surprised if it's not an unchanged side tomorrow, with the team having had a couple of weeks without a game. Should all be raring to go, with Hippo on the bench ready to impress when called upon. Would love Mullen to get on and get a goal - looks totally bereft of confidence lately. A goal would do him the world of good.

Very good point about Mullen Scott. 

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Same starting eleven as the last game with Hippo on the bench instead of Sutto.

Only one change from the starting lineup from the last game between the two teams in November - Flynn for Magennis on the wing with Magennis moving inside to replace McShane.

Its on the bench where were so much stronger.


Substitutes last time.....................

  • 2Demetriou
  • 5Buchanan
  • 8Duffy
  • 9Sutton
  • 17Kirkpatrick
  • 21Stewart
  • 26McCart
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