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St Mirren give Barnsley permission to speak to JR


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17 minutes ago, Slartibartfast said:
22 minutes ago, TsuMirren said:
Not really, just after the Morgan deal had gone through the SMISA committee were being told things were tight and that without the Morgan money the finances weren't looking good. Having had those discussions, along with others, I'm nothing short of stunned that there is money there for an enhanced deal. Unless, that is, a certain 50K will be getting utilised. Maybe we can expect a justgiving page or a football card draw...a fund the budget fundraising campaign.

Or maybe they would be utilising some of the money we are all but guaranteed for winning the league? Just a thought. I know, it's not often I have them.

Don't be daft.

That wouldn't suit the petted lip brigade's agenda.

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9 minutes ago, foxbar_bud said:


But we got the Morgan money... maybe that’s what is being used?


We were told things were tight even after receiving the money. Sorry if I didn't make that clear. Perhaps there's been some float in there, it's never been mentioned before. Then again if you know there's float you're less likely to run spend options on gym equipment or balls. That's conjecture, the fans are SMISA were still being old things were tight.

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Just now, Slartibartfast said:
3 minutes ago, FTOF said:
Off topic I know, but you were an answer on The Chase the other night.emoji4.png

I've never known "fat ugly c**t" to be an answer on the chase.

That was the anser to the next question, which was, "How does Zico's wife usually refer to him?".:whistle

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11 hours ago, Magic Monkey said:

I hope Jack knows there hunners of f**king speed cameras on the M1 right round Barnsley now. They reckon they've got them switched on all the time now, too.

Living there would be a total nightmare on that basis alone. Don't do it, Jack.

I reckon it was the speed cameras.


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