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Season 18/19 St Mirren Kit

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Home kit - 7/10. I like it, regardless of it being an old Partick design. I prefer more basic stripes, but it's pretty good. We've had far, far worse.

Away kit - 8/10. Love it. Different without being garish or trying to be "too" different.

Loving the mini meltdown on social media tho...

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Not particularly impressed to be honest, prefer last season's home top. Agree with Div that the away top looks very like something you would wear playing golf- better that last year's tea towel away top but by no means great. Can't see why black and wgitevstripesvis so hard to go, and look good?

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5 minutes ago, rabuddies said:

It must be hard to come up with a variation on black and white stripes every other year.

I'm not sure they need to. We f**k about with the formula so often it does my napper in.

Having said that, I don't think it's that bad, but why can't we just have this:



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