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Inverness v St Mirren 31/03/2018(Maybe)


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20 minutes ago, Drew said:

Anyone up there already and awake?

Does it look like a day for thermals?


Bit overcast the noo Drew but forecast is 5 degrees and sunny for the Match. My two brothers are driving up this morning :clapping

Canny wait......

P.S.   Military grade thermals will be fine.....

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28 minutes ago, 3 moffat buds said:

Thermals on - on the 0810 bus from Moffat with my grandson on our way to meet my three sons in Glasgow then off to the game.  Will be nearly 1am tomorrow before the bus gets me home 

COYS - make the journey worth it !

Great post Moffat.

Getting ready here in Stirling to meet my son from Edinburgh and the one from Stirling.  Not as long a journey as yours but we are all "ON OUR WAY"

Heard that somewhere......

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Jimmy H and I were discussing the travelling support last night. 
Reckon we could top 1000 today?
Hopefully. We took 800 to Brechin in December so hopefully we will.

I had this earmarked as the day we were going to win the league so made sure I was going to be here hopefully many others did the same. Coys! !
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Wish I could make it today, kids scaling the walls due to the holidays, I will likely be in the lagoon swimming with my boy as kick off beckons, not to worry as I have my Brechin and Dundee Utd tickets safely tucked away!!

3 nil Saints, we’re on our way!!

Btw what a gem JR seems to have uncovered in Flynn, wasn’t too sure at the start but what a find!!

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