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Ipswich Town - Permission to Speak with Jack Ross

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2 hours ago, ITFCBlue said:

I take it Div is a source of reliable info around these parts? If you was to put on a scale, 1 being - Div has no clue to 10 being - Div knows his stuff and is always pretty much bang on, where would you put his latest info on the scale? (Ross being here possibly before the weekend)



End of the day I never post things like this just for the hell of it.

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9 minutes ago, Magic Monkey said:

If anyone needs more info on Jack Ross, the Dundee Courier did an in-depth piece on him last summer, just before he took over at Dens Park:


Actually a good article. 

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16 hours ago, athens-saint said:

Usually a club will make a statement regarding speculation about an employee of the club. Nobody at SMFC did that.  All we know is based on hearsay and rumors and tidbits...If it wasn`t for div and the like we wouldn't`t know anything. And we still have no official word....silence from May 10th to 16th.

Fair enough - just thought there was supposed to be more transparency with fan ownership.

 I`m not a fan of refreshing Twitter every 2 minutes and relying on teasers for information!!!


I don't think clubs should be providing a running commentary on the negotiations. When something concrete happens - they'll say.

Club official channels should be reserved for facts rather than opinions and speculation. 

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9 minutes ago, St.Ricky said:

Div's Interview with East Anglian Times now on line giving a run down on Jack Ross for their readers.  Interesting stuff. 


"He used the loan market pretty well and brought a few in. He didn’t go outside the UK much and brought in one player from Norway (Pal Fjelde) who didn’t play all that much. It was really Jack using his contacts in and around Scotland, although Jack did bring some up from down south as well."

How can you remember Fjelde but not mention Stelios :lol:

Not meaning that to sound rude, very accurate in his descriptions of Jack.

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