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Bye Harry , thanks for the memories

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To pre-empt some posts (and yet another meltdown from someone who I'm assuming has been sinbinned):

The option on his contract for another year was based on a set number of appearances. He was short of that number (which he might just have made if he'd played the two games against QOS and the game against Falkirk on the 3G) and that's why he had to be offered a contract rather than the extra year being automatically triggered.

I fully expect this post to be ignored, especially by the aforementioned attention seeking seetheball, but thought I might as well put it up anyway.

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I also thought he had said his wife had moved up and had been made to feel very welcome etc.  I guess he just wants to be back down south.  Good luck to him, a real shame we didn't get to see how he would do in the Premier League.

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51 minutes ago, Isle Of Bute Saint said:

The first major blow and the next ladies and gentlemen well you know that one. Reilly just had a baby so he will be looking for the best deal on the table. 

Depends where Reilly is located. He might not want the hassle of moving elsewhere right now. If his family and himself are located in/near Paisley that should only benefit us.

34 minutes ago, Bud the Baker said:

That'll be why he didn't score so many in the second half of the season!

This was the real reason but we covered it up as "carrying an injury".

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