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Harry Davies

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12 minutes ago, Seaside Nipper said:

This is a strange one. All but three or four weeks ago he was saying he was desperate to stay with Saints keep fit and for next season look to repay the faith Saints showed on him while he was injured.
So we’ve not offered him a new contract then !?
Oh well emoji17.png

From the OS


Harry was offered a contract extension, however, he has turned this down after indicating he plans to return to England for family reasons


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9 hours ago, Anybuddie said:

Apparently his wife struggled to settle with their young family and moved back down south.

I had a feeling it might be to do with his other half as Harry always came across very positively when asked about being here. That's a shame, but family always comes first. Best of luck to them, hopefully he can get a club in close distance to wherever his wife now is.

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I find this scenario very strange only a few weeks ago Harry stated that his wife had started a new job and the family was settled in Ayrshire.
It only takes one wrong turn into the scheme that is Onthank and Mrs Davis gets terrified by Marvin walking Bullet the dug and all of a sudden she is no longer happy as Larry.
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I am never surprised when English people cite "family reasons" for their departure back home. In footballing terms I don't think Davis would have been good enough anyway for the step up so at least we have time to replace him. One thing I will predict is that he gets a club straight away near to wherever he comes from. We were more than reasonable in giving him the chance for first team football and he repaid that with some good performances last season, so he leaves with my good wishes.

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