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A Sectarian Free Europe At Last


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  • 2 weeks later...

This Thursday could be one of those glorious nights for Scottish Football. 

The two sectarian Clubs knocked out of Europe, one after another, all live on BT Sport. 

And I get to view it, all for free. 

Will be having a Chinese or Indian meal while watching the demolition of the Bigoted Yins. 



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2 minutes ago, Abu Dhabi Saints said:

If only to send you into another meltdown I hope both teams go through.

C'mon the OF.

#disrespect :lol:

Wasn't expecting you to reply. Maybe my Forum lover cannae find me in here. 

Anyway, welcome back Saudi dude. :byebye

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Got a feeling it's going to be a glorious night for Scottish Football. 

Our 2 Sectarian Clubs out on their arse. 

I may pish myself laughing hysterically. 

Finish work 6.30. 

Pick up Chinese Meal. 

Settle down and witness the second half humping of Sevco Bigots 2012.

Followed by Salzburg destroying the Green Bigots. 

Could be a wonderful night. 

Sevco2012 & Celtic. - CNUTS 

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