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So this is what a ban looks like!

Lord Pityme

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10 hours ago, helpmaboab said:

Bitching about Div is deserving of all the punishment that comes with it. This is not 'your' site to make demands on how it operates. It's a bit like rolling up to the club where the bouncers, paid by management, decide whether or not your presence add anything to the club or the enjoyment of others. Stop having a collective dummy spit about being giving the heave-ho for being a prick, being a pain in the arse, being rude, etc. etc. etc. Sure, behave like that if that it is your want, but if you get caught out and kicked out, remember it was your call. You knew what you were doing, took the risk, now "do the crime, do the time".

If it was me, I'd either ban you outright, or put you in the Sin Bin where you would be unable in any way shape or form to read the main forum. I'd also make those outside the Sin Bin unable to post in there. If you transgressed in there beyond a level set by management as acceptable you then get banned.

The alias business is less easy than suggested if certain identity requirements are compulsory on registration.

Bottom line is, behave in a 'reasonable ' manner or suffer the consequences.

Have a nice day. :D

"behave in a 'reasonable ' manner" , "being giving the heave-ho for being a prick, being a pain in the arse,"

A bit pot and kettle there.

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11 hours ago, helpmaboab said:

Hey, whit dae yi mean? I'm nae kettle, I've never once referred to any pot on here as black arse.

I'm a model poster, always trying tae contribute in a 'reasonable' manner.

Some o yous could take a lesson oot a ma book.


Just when I think that you can’t find anymore ways to prove just how much of a f**king c**t you are you go and find a new way to make everyone f**king hate you 

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6 minutes ago, ReturnOf isma is god said:

Hmmmm someone seeing a lot of my post when youre meant to have me on ignore as part of your grand move of arseholery makes me think you’re just a bored c**t looking to get a upset 

 Keep you off ignore as its entertaining .............. you did know we evolved from apes don't you ?

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On 6/21/2018 at 11:28 AM, StuD said:

It's pretty pathetic but more than that it must be worrying for Divs clients. Here, on his own website, he has tried to lock out two users, and yet the "hack" is so easy all you need to do is log out and you can read all the information you're supposed to be locked out from. I'm not sure I'd want to be a customer of the Big Front Door if web security is that lax. 

Not that it's worth the effort logging out at the moment. Two active threads - one that's been done to a standstill on Gavin Reilly, the other is supposed to be about new signings where names like non league Josh Heaton seem to be having no effect at all in driving traffic. 

Never mind StuD. Faraway is out and will start scintillating new topics. 

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2 hours ago, helpmaboab said:

"don't make get me lawyer"..........lol

sue for liable, you eejit, you toast be would........lol

Isma lawyer talk has you got yourself shitting.......lol

Isnoma fault I'm a stupid eejit.....lol

whit an eejit!

Isnoma always guid fur a laugh......

Once a again you prove to everyone what a f**king idiot you are. obviously this is not as bad as when you said black and white minstrel shows were light entertainment because there was a sketch on the bbc by Scottish people about how they can’t use a voice activated lift. Just so you know f**k face it was a joke do you really think someone would get a lawyer involved cause of a post on the forum....oh wait you do cause you have the mental capacity of a 5 year old. 

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