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ReturnOf isma is god

Gonny let me out now

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The Forgotten

Starring ReturnOf isma is god

Set in The Sin Bin

Watch as days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, and months turn into years as ReturnOf isma is god struggles to escape from the zone of isolation. ReturnOf isma is god stars in his role as the one thing that never gets emptied from your bin, just forever stuck to the bottom of it.

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7 hours ago, helpmaboab said:

Wee poxy is huvin a wee greet noo is he? Well he shoodnae swear his wee jobby mooth aff an abuse fellow buddies.

Only got himsel tae blame. He seems tae be getting a few visitors tae cheer him up, hope some yins take him some mooth wipes.

....... Should yi be allowed access tae the internet in the Sin Bin? 


f**k up c**t you’re the reason I’m in here ya 50p pole dancer, no even got the baws to face me hiding behind yer ignore list ya mental f**k nugget 

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