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Saint Mirren v Dundee 4th August 2018


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Hope we play with the same tempo today moving  the ball quickly and getting ball into the box at every opportunity. The diamond shape worked well last time out but today is a step up ........ should give a guide today as to where we are in terms of competing in the top league.

Lets f#cken do this mob ! 


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Irrespective of today’s result Stubbs still has a few weeks to bring in what is required. I absolutely get that.

Whilst I’m cognisant of the challenges bringing decent quality to a small club brings I still believe we should be pretty much there in terms of personnel by the first game of the league season, not 3 weeks after it starts.

Agreed. Though correct me if I’m wrong, even after the window closes both sides of the border, we can still bring in out contract players. No fee, but just the personal agreement?
If this is indeed the case (which I believe it to be) we could still be looking at supplementing the squad well into September.
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In Germany just now and trying to watch the game on st mirren tv but it says "the user has restricted access to this page". Normally you just get the sign in screen. Anyone else getting the same?

I had that last week, even after I signed up for another year.
I had the same issues last year but after some guidance from James at SMTV it was sorted.
Going to log in now, fingers crossed.
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