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Saints v Celtic, Friday 14th September

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It's like watching a different team tonight.

Everyone working for each other and doing the simple thing.

Of course The Green Bigots are having an off night (in more ways than one!), but some of that is down to our hard work and the management team's tactics.

Still missing an out and out striker and some pace to make the most of our breakaways, but infinitely better than our previous performances.

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Celtic aren’t on their A game, which the diddy club always needs, aside fom playing well themselves. I’ve seen this movie before though. One, or both, of these things are almost certain to happen... Edwards slides into a tackle and gets sent off, or Rogic scores a last-minute winner in another heartbreak loss... the first forumster to use the phrase ‘they were there for the taking’ should be shot.

Of course, in predicting this gloom and doom scenario, I am hoping to fend off the situation whereby me actually saying ‘we will do this’  merely results in the haw-maws being booted.

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Don't want to be a knickerwetter, but let's not get too carried away.  Still 45 to go, and the referee will be under pressure from that lot.

As for the performance - much, much better. But remember Stubbs first game against Killie?  We looked a good team then as well, and look what happened after that.

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