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Kenny Miller Free Agent

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11 minutes ago, portmahomack saint said:

I`d sign him in a heartbeat. can see Hearts and Dundee in for him too.  But we could guarantee him a starting slot,,,,,  in the back four.  :rolleyes:

Dundee might want him as Manager. :rolleyes:

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He has two contracts at Livingston - one as a player and the second as a manager. I'd say it sounds like Livi are upset at the amount of time he is spending on taking The International Rangers to court and talking more about that than Livi in his interviews. To be leaving Livi within 2 months of signing as a player and a manager after the manner of his departure from Ibrox would underline why I would be dead against us using any of our remaining budget on him. He's 38 about 2 years younger than Thommo. I know I am on record as wanting us to sign some experienced players to help our younger guys as well as the shedload of young loanees but I was thinking of players aged 27-30 that had a several great seasons left in them preferably.

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There is no doubt Stubbs will be aware of Kenny's availability and I trust him to judge whether we should get him in.

Personally, I would love to see a striker of this quality at the club and not just for his goals. His ability, effort and attitude are superb and would be a very positive addition.

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Baffles me that we've not yet signed a natural wide midfielder. Cammy Smith and Danny Mullen out wide is menal... Jai Quitongo would be a better signing than Kenny Miller based on our lack of balance. Also Mikey Johnston on loan from Celtic please 

Could then play a formation that actually makes sense :ph34r:

4 minutes ago, Magic Monkey said:

Stubbs'd shunt him out wide anyway.


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53 minutes ago, Drew said:

No he isn't.

If you had suggested that he was better, I might buy it. I wouldn't want him anywhere near the club.

My mate is a Peterhead fan and watched him in the petrofact Cup final he said he is like poetry in motion a joy to watch the way he directs everyone round about him. I would suggest that he is way better than  anything we have at the club right now even at 38

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