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Irritating Words, Phrases and Whatever Else.


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7 minutes ago, oaksoft said:

"Faraway Saint has quoted you in a topic....." :D

"Ricky has reacted to a post in a topic...." :P

Oaky in ANY football thread.....................wait, that's no right, ach feck it, I need a drink. :P


1 minute ago, Wilbur said:

"Absolutely" when "yes" would suffice.


Beat me to it......................:thumbsup

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Football fans parroting a couple of  phrases they hear used by thick TV commentators:

A "stonewall" penalty
A "cynical" foul

Next time you fancy using one of these (such as in today's matchday thread) look up the meaning of the word first. They make absolutely no sense in the football context.

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