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Samson to Sunderland

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28 minutes ago, The Original 59er said:

Well at least he still played for us and I saw him, albeit, briefly!:rolleyes:


He lived round the corner from us and turned up at the scout fete in Barshaw park playing in goals in a 'Beat the Goalie' competition.

He was quite good, I wondered whether he should be in my top ten, but then decided not to. Likeable bloke though.

He's still on the go and is a member at Ralston Golf Club.

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6 minutes ago, shull said:

Early 1970's.

He played in our 4-1 win at Ibrox. 

wow, my mind has gone a blank on him.......................... as I said in my original post on this subject, the ageing process may lead to me missing some obvious candidates! :thumbs2

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