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Livingston v St Mirren 8 December 2018

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49 minutes ago, Dibbles old paperboy said:

If we can just defend set pieces and draw the second half all will be well. Would be nice if Hibs could win at Hamilton too.

Over the last few weeks I think Kearney has begun to show why he was appointed. In most games now we are looking like taking something from the game and at least looking competitive and Hammil scoring goals from potentially anywhere on the pitch has lifted confidence that we do have a bit of a goal threat. I also think players who were looking off form are beginning to look as if they can play at this level after all, and the squad's commitment isn't being questioned as much.

We're also beginning to see that after taking a while to find their feet loan signings like Alfie Jones and Matty Willock might do a job for us, and even Cody Cooke looked like he might be an option from the bench as well.

Don't ya just wish you hadn't posted? 

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1 minute ago, djchapsticks said:

Keeper was weak at both the first and the third goals

Yeah. It’s telling that Aberdeen, instead of playing him when Lewis was injured last season, went out and signed someone else on loan.

Another keeper in January please.

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3 minutes ago, magnus said:

Multiple mistakes every week. Livi can pretty much get the cigars our and celebrate staying in the top flight. 

Agreed but we won't be joining them - unless something very unexpected happens.

Football is a funny old game - we finished 10 points ahead of Livi last season and now we are 16 points behind them before we are half way through the season.

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Just now, Balmullo Bud said:

FFS. We are what we are unfortunately. We are currently nowhere near good enough to compete in this league with our current squad It will be an interesting transfer window. It will need to be a massive turnaround.

Every bit as big a turnaround as 2 seasons ago.

On one hand, we are nowhere near as far adrift from safety as we were then.

On the other, we don't have significantly larger budget than the teams we are competing against this time.

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