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January Exits

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5 hours ago, Lord Pityme said:

If a player gets an offer elsewhere for a lower wage or shorter contract, why, pray would they make themselves and their family poorer? 


To continue playing and ensure they have a fighting chance of still being an employed footballer beyond the summer?

Because sitting on your arse not being required by your employer is one of the most soul destroying thing you can ever go through professionally?

Quite a few people prefer to look at the bigger picture.

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3 hours ago, Sonny said:

Like the article - sounds like up to 16 players away by the end of the Transfer window since OK came in... other than Ferdinand and Hammill, this shows the scale of the car crash he inherited.. (already 4 gone, hope the rest go quickly)

Here is hoping more than 4 or 5 are coming in and that they are all very good for the Premiership standard. 

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4 hours ago, buddies1877 said:

Your a rocket emoji23.png

People are correct you either don’t bother reading someone’s full post or it just doesn’t register in your simple mind.

Players won’t leave if the are offered shorter deals on lesser money unless of course they are that desperate just to get back to playing a footballers career isn’t very long but that won’t be the case for them all.

McShane for example could very well return to championship similar to when he joined us after leaving Ross county.

Cammy smith and a few others could well do the same we wouldn’t need to pay a penny if they are leaving on similar terms and guaranteed more game time.

Heaton could leave for free if a team down south is interested and offers him similar deal Darlington could use the 70k they got or even someone like Salford city who we couldn’t compete with for Rooney

Like I said that’s upto the club and players to sort out

You are (thats the correct way) a damp squib!

but hey thanks for basically agreeing with me. Its possible the club could save some money if contracted players that dont get better offers and opt to stay, go out on loan instead to a lower league club here or down south. Smfc would still have to make up the difference in wages though, but at least that would free up more wages to the summer, then look at it again.

sadly theres not many pro footballers these days who would move for less just to play, but if we only have to top up their wages it would make sense for both parties.

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Kirkpatrick reminds me of Jon Robertson - came to us with a great reputation from the lower leagues, nominated for his division's player of the year but couldn't do it for us.

Looked good against Killie in the cup but so did lots of folk.

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