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Saints Fans Sunderland Trip

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What do the CWSC team at Sunderland know, that the rest of us dont? They were leading a sing song by the bar at half time, singing all the classics, with wee changes to suit like "Jack Ross's Red & White Army"... then they sang "" We're On Our Way" but changed the "To" destination to what I assumed they thought the Sunderland fans would appreciate.

"We're on our way..

we're on our way

to the CHAMPIONSHIP..... we're on our way!

maybe the change was to accomodate both our teams chances this season???

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11 minutes ago, shull said:

Why so much hatred between Sunderland and Newcastle ? 

Friendly rivalry is fair enough, but why hatred ? 

And where do Middlesborough fit in to all this animosity ? 

Hard to explain shull.  It's certainly OTT but it's  just there. I think Boro fans see it more of a derby v Newcastle/Sunderland  than fans of either club. That 30/40..ish mile gap means it's  a bit more watered down.

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