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Welcome Vaclav Hladky

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43 minutes ago, uhura said:

Salford now in 6th position but their goals against tally is the best in the league, Hladky is an ever present. 

I thought he was outstanding for us, especially in the play-off against Dundee United at the end of 18/19. 

It’s a pity that we weren’t able to hang on to him although I wouldn’t argue with anyone who says that Alnwick is a top keeper. 

Loved Vaclav,  but Alnwick is every bit as capable. 

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2 hours ago, oaksoft said:

What on earth is Hladky doing getting involved in something like this when he wasn't even in the stadium at the time.


The press in any country will go after a side of a story that suits their agenda which is to sell newspapers. Vaclav probably said a lot more than was reported, but that story will never be told. 

If anything positive came out of that story it’s that he never signed for those bigoted sectarian racist cnuts.

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