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Brian rice favourite for Hamilton job

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On 1/30/2019 at 11:24 PM, turrabuddie said:

If Anton doesn’t have his coaching badges I’d be happy for the club to support himthrough that while he continues playing and assists with the training. Great guy to have around the club. Good influence, especially on the youngsters. Be even better if his big brother came up to see him a couple times !

Why? Do you have a man-crush to satisfy? :lol:

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 Lovein it that Rice is saying that he is not feelin the pressure...

Are his players so stupid that they will believe this? You can bet your boots that they are feeling the pressure - they certainly succumbed on Monday and should be two players down for this one too.

It is in their hands - but it is in their hands to drop also - and against the best team in the bottom half of the league.


OK it is in our hands in a way too - but we never passed up our chance last Monday like they did... we have momentum and far better players/manager etc.

Let's send Dee down with a resounding Saints win - C O Y S

And let Hamilton's fate be still in their own hands against the play-off side who gets through . . .    :ninja

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