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2 hours ago, Desperately Seeking Susans said:

Rice to become the new Hamilton manager.


Ye cannae be first with the news from Rio, ya flash git!  :P

a good night, the night, wi G, S and me...

missin you awready....  well mibbe no.  :)


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Yeah. BBC confirms Rice.


Not sure how I feel about this. I was surprised he survived when Stubbs went, though he did seem to be the only one who gave a f**k, after all. 

We've not exactly had a great time of it when he's been at the club. I assume Nichol will just become assistant now?

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Just now, Jrok said:

I must have missed the Rice flair, maybe Oran wouldnae let him.

Agreed - Definitely strange in one respect, but always good to pinch someone from a nearest rival in another. He will have some insight into how Oran thinks and what his tactics are. Oran needs to play with different tactics when we play them - simple!  :turtle

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2 minutes ago, Lord Pityme said:

Our first choice goalie rétires and leaves mid season, followed out the door by the asst manager. Good that it saves a bit of money, but is there a cultural issue thats sering experienced people walk? Too many chiefs and not enough native Americans?

Both have been offered career improving opportunities and no doubt more money . .  happened to JR and James too.

Absolutely nothing to do with racism :D

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