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faraway saint

Aberdeen v St Mirren 16th Feb

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11 minutes ago, faraway saint said:

2-2, that will do me.

Well deserved, I'll be milking this after the last few visits.

Look out sheep, you're getting it..........................oh wait. :lol:


Bring us one down the road. Betty has a puncture. 

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6 hours ago, billyg said:

I was a pal of Big Eck at school , and we kept in touch during his playing days. I'm assuming you mean the John McEachran game ? Anyway , a couple of weeks later Aberdeen were at Ibrox and I met up with Alec on the Saturday night. The first thing he said to me , and he was serious , "Why the f**k were your lot playing out their skins a couple of weeks ago , and trying to hand the title to Celtic"?

Even then , people in the game were into Old Scum conspiracy theories in Scottish football.

I'm going for narrow defeats this and next week , if Dundee and Accies pick up any points during that time , then it's all over bar the shouting !

After checking, it was the 2-1 match when Weir played for us.


Played football with Eck , along with many other weans on the Farmer's Fields at the top of Auchenback in the early 1970's. He was a standout player as a young boy. Was at Springhill Primary and Barrhead High with him, he then moved to John Neilson in third year. Wasn't surprised he made it to the very top at football.

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20 hours ago, Dibbles old paperboy said:

Despite the manager dropping our top scorer in favour of our first goal scorer today?

Are trying to say it was a masterstroke, dropping our top scorer for a guy who.................

Scored.........................................................from a penalty?

Could easily have been sent off before half time?

Forced the manager to waste a substitution at half time as he was looking a cert to get his marching orders?

Ok, then I agree. :)

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Anyhow, for just over a hour we were well in the game.

They, IMO, underestimated us and they couldn't, until we went 1-2 up, get out of 1st gear.

Even although we were sitting deep they, until the latter stages, never looked very dangerous.

A deserved point, a good feeling to get some digs at my Dons supporting mates, although they did point out we're now 5 points behind 2 teams.

Who cares, let the next few games take care of themselves, a point we never expected and, surely, we have to take this as a positive into the next game? 

Ma heid hurts...................:cheers

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