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Lord Pityme

Aberdeen v St Mirren 16/02/2019

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1 minute ago, Doakes said:

I'd leave Duck on personally! Good target man. Ball wouldn't stick with Jackson or Mullen

He's already on his final warning. He'll not see the hour mark at this rate. He's too combative to get away with another 45 minutes without incident.

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Nazon seems an angry man.

Need to take him off for Jackson don’t think he will be pleased about it
Agree. He's looked good and played well but is never going another 45mins without getting a second yellow. I actually think Jackson will be a better option for this half running at their defence with pace.

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The Duck lucky to still be on the park. Ref also given final warning. His booking was stupid to begin with, he's then had a late tackle and a dive.

Will the ball stay up front at all with Jackson though? OK needs to see if Nazron can screw the nut at half time.

It is quite painful to watch us trying to string attacks together. It doesn't look like a huge amount of work on going forward has been done on the training ground.

Aberdeen have been slow. I'd imagnie they will get a rocket up their arse and blow us away in the 2nd half.

Positives are The goalie and Popescu.

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