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Guess The Movie...............

faraway saint

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Today’s answer is The Shining, the horror film based on the Stephen King book of the same name. Afflicted by writer’s block, Jack Nicolson plays Jack Torrance who takes his family to house-sit the Overlook Hotel through the winter. However the place (and it’s dark history) gradually affects him until he becomes psychotic and turns on his family. The image shows the famous axe he uses to smash the bathroom door in to get at his wife and it is drawn in the shape of the maze which his son Danny uses to trick Jack into getting lost.

Another movie tomorrow. :thumbs2

Well done Scrappy. 

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Yesterday we had Star Wars, the original space epic/opera created and directed by George Lucas or to give it its revised name Episode IV : A New Hope. The daddy of all franchises, this cultural phenomenon from 1977 has given a lifetime of memories to kids and adults alike. The appetite for new movies shows no sign of abating although the original trilogy remains the yardstick. The image shows the twin suns of Luke Skywalker’s home planet of Tatooine.

Suppose that trumpet cockles is the winner, although trying to be smart loss him half a point. :P

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