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It’s not all bad .

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We do tend to be blinkered at times, but its been the most bizzare last 6 years, we have hit heights and depths and yet still find ourselves a top level club albeit bottom.

We just dont do boring

But great post Callum, reminds us all what actually makes a football  club is far more than just wek to week results


Great post

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I have been working in Northern Ireland this week . Today I was working North of Antrim up to Ballymoney ,at lunch time I dropped into a wee place called Bellaghy for a bite to eat . The guy serving me , hearing the accent enquired where I was from , when I said Paisley , next question was which team ... as usual !  When I said Saints, he looked surprised. “pop your head into that office over there and tell them who you support “ 

Turns out the guy in the office is an organiser for the Belfast youth football group who visited us a couple of weeks back , he was singing the clubs praises , said the youngsters were given the whole package and treated like kings . Particularly singled out TF for praise saying he had the young uns captivated with his stories and enthusiasm. The lads have asked if they can wear .St.Mirren strips next season !!  

At times it is  easy to become disillusioned with our club and sometimes things seem bleak  , but it’s good to remind ourselves we can occasionally do things right 

Well done to all involved. default_thumbup2.gif


Did a stint in Bellaghy when I was in the army, mentioning that place brought back memories.

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