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Official St Johnstone v St Mirren Matchday Thread

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2 minutes ago, cockles1987 said:
34 minutes ago, faraway saint said:
"The pitch has become unplayable due to heavy rain followed by snow which has left areas of the park waterlogged," the club said earlier. "With no improvement in the forecast for the rest of the day the referee has decided to call off the fixture.
Well I never...........

The bit I don't understand is, usually a waterlogged pitch has surface water and I've never seen snow lying on water.

In a few areas, maybe, but not necessarily so much that the light covering of snow could be sitting on the top of the grass.

Sodden ground wouldn't necessarily be covered in puddles. 

The weather before, and up to Perth, was severe and cold with it. (Car temperature was saying between zero and one degree all the way yp the road)


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13 hours ago, shull said:

Got a bad gut feeling about this match. 

St Johnstone 3 St Mirren 1

Crowd 2487

2-0 to St Johnstone..they will score early in 1st half and finish game off in 2nd...Oran will set up negatively with one upfront..when we go 2 behind will start chasing the game...ffs go 2 upfront...

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For all the usual knee jerk reactions.............a penalty is a penalty, one kick.......................some go in, some don't.

If ours had gone in Jackson would be a hero, it didn't.........................thems the breaks.

Just as many kicks that are "blootered" miss.

It's football, there's more things to be seen as a worry rather than one kick.................like our manager. 


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