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Super Danny’s Clyde punished

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Clyde OS

Sat, 9th Mar 2019 8:15am

The Club attended a disciplinary hearing yesterday where a sub-committee of the SPFL Board charged Clyde FC with playing an ineligible player (Declan Fitzpatrick) in two Ladbrokes League Two matches:

  • Saturday, 16 February 2019 – Clyde v Albion Rovers (1-0)
  • Saturday, 23 February 2019 – Queen’s Park v Clyde (1-1)

Clyde FC admitted breaching SPFL Rules and were sanctioned as follows:

  1. Club reprimanded, warned as to future conduct and fined £1500 (£1000 suspended until 30 June 2020)
  2. The original match results were also annulled and the outcome of the matches recorded as follows:

16 February 2019 – Clyde v Albion Rovers (0-3)
23 February 2019 – Queen’s Park v Clyde (3-0)

The three points for a win were awarded to Albion Rovers and Queen’s Park respectively, and the four points previously awarded to Clyde were withdrawn.

Club Chairman, David Dishon commented:

"We are deeply disappointed with the outcome of yesterday's hearing as, despite the fact that we admitted the breach of the SPFL rules, we feel that we put forward a robust and cogent case as part of our defence. The case concerned a player, Declan Fitzpatrick, who has been registered with Clyde since September 2018 and was recently on loan at Clydebank.

"The breach occurred as a result of a genuine oversight and a gap in the administrative procedures. This error was not the fault of any individual. 

"We feel that the sanction imposed was unprecedentedly harsh. 

"As a result of yesterday’s outcome, we have instigated a full review of our roles & responsibilities and logistics in match day operations and we have put in place additional checking procedures to ensure there is no repeat of this breach.

"I understand that the supporters will share our devastation at this news, but we have to try to stayed focused on the rest of the season. For that reason, the Board and I have rejected the offer of two directors to resign from their position. 

"Promotion is still a realistic target and that remains our priority. We will continue to give the management and the players our support as they push for promotion.

"The Club now has seven days to decide whether or not to appeal the decision and we will take stock over the weekend and consider our next action. We will make no further comment until the end of this process."

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This could easily be in the Poor Rangers thread as this precisely what Rangers did and the Scottish fitba authorities turned a blind eye to for several years.

they won trophies and leagues with players incorrectly registered.

Then Rangers died and due to official collusion those cheated wins were ascribed to a new entity set up by spivs to rip the pish (and the cash) out of sevco fans so they could still pretend, “we are the persons!”

Clyde may also have similar self delusional aspirations... but I doubt it.

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