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Smisa buyout

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19 minutes ago, Isle Of Bute Saint said:

I'm not trying to rock your boat here. Personally I'm not too worried there will be a vote for board members responsible people who have experience in different back grounds. They will put their case forward to members for vote. Of course you have every right to think no one will be fit enough to be on the board.  I'm happy to wait until that times arrives right now I'm more concerned with staying in the premiership. Lastly I will be happy to keep the monthly subscription going to have a rainy day fund or future investment when needed. More importantly are you going to Perth ?  

Why on earth would i think as you say "no one will,be fit enough to be on the board"? You're just making shit up now.

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On 3/13/2019 at 1:32 PM, waldorf34 said:

During David Nicola,s  latest podcast he perpetuated the myth that the buyout will not occur until 2026, ie 10 years of Gordon's reign.

There is no such agreement in place mentioning a time ,the agreement is simply based on when Smisa has the monies in place he WILL sell his shares to Smisa.

On current projections,including the club paying back monies owed,that should be achieved in 2023 , a good 3 years earlier.

If my calculations are incorrect  Smisa can correct me at the AGM.

If we collect the correct amount of money, We can buy the shares at any stage within the ten year period and GLS will be required to sell when we ask, we can of course hold a vote and decide to take the full ten years before deciding to buy the shares, which would be the wrong choice in my opinion.

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As you say , my understanding is it is ten years or when SMISA get the money , whichever comes first , I have no issue with that.

As for after SMISA take a full controlling interest ? What comes after GLS ?

There’s the question . Anyone on here got experience of running a football club and would be willing to take on the job of having verbal shite and abuse directed at you from all side because you don’t accommodate every fans whims or pet projects ?

No . Thought not.
There's been 3 guys put themselves forward for this. 2 have been nominated and are now getting some experience at board level.
The other was Stuart Dickson...

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