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Bud the Baker

Saints vs Celtic Wed 3/4/19

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18 hours ago, HSS said:

We missed a trick tonight...........

The Keeper should have went off at the Banger incident.Terrible pains in his head,thought he had perforated eardrums.We had already used our subs so it would have put us down to 10 men with an outfield player in goals for the last few mins.

Wouldn't have done us any good but it would have caused a lot of controversy.

Am I bad?

I like the cut of your jib.  OK should then have taken the players off. Certain players dan saf saying if verbally abused, to walk off pitch - being injured by a firework, merits it even more, imo.

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I remember back in 2016, my home Belgian side had a match abandoned after “missile” incidents in a derby match against Standard Liege. Both keepers  were the victims. It had to be said it was a continuation of incidents that led to the abandonment, but both teams came out with zero points. This was the same week Anthony Lopes was hit during Metz v Lyon, which was abandoned too. That match had to be replayed.


Standard were leading 3-1 when the game was called off in the 67th minute, having already been halted twice.


Lighters and firecrackers were thrown at Charleroi goalkeeper Nicolas Penneteau, which led to Standard's coach and players making a public appeal for calm via the stadium speakers.

Then, Standard goalkeeper Guillaume Hubert was targeted by a beer glass and flare leading to the game being called off.

On Saturday, the French top-flight clash between Metz and Lyon was also halted when Lyon goalkeeper Anthony Lopes was hit by a firecracker.

The match was abandoned after just 31 minutes with Portuguese international Lopes requiring hospital treatment for damaged hearing.

Metz, leading 1-0 when play was halted, face the risk of heavy sanctions which could include forfeiting the match and Lyon being awarded the win.

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