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Livingston v St. Mirren 20th April


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Just now, farmer john said:

fantastic day for us.....so delighted.
Was dancing, literally dancing and jumping about, in the coo shed when these 2 goals went in.

Yes, it is now entirely in our own hands. 

4 more wins and we are 10th


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4 hours ago, LargsBud said:

When comparing it to what we've got to play for its nothing. 

For us 10th from 11th is £60 000 for Livi finishing 7th is £120,000 better than 9th . . .hardly nothing

But id your point is the price of surviving then you are BANG ON . . . :guinness

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3 hours ago, elvis said:

Midgets up front what's the point bread and butter to livey defenders. Going for 3-0 home team and both Dundee and Hamilton to get at least a point in there games.

OOPS once again . . . . well 1 out of 3 ain't good. :D


2 hours ago, Luther G. Presley said:

I fear the worst with that lineup.

A bit too pessimistic - Oran knows what he is doing !!!

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