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Our Strip. What Next?

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I prefer our strip having clear black and white stripes front and back. The players name and number should be in red characters and any advertising badge should be just that a 3" square on the front left nipple area. White or black shorts and socks.

Away strip red with white and black characters on the back.   These are our colours. they could look classier than some of the most recent efforts  ...  :cheers

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Whenever i see an adult with a football top on whilst on holiday i cringe. Ffs ok for weans but for adults to wear one stinks of " look at who i support, where i am from"...you are on holiday ffs stop trying to get people to look at you...why would an adult wear a football top? Don't get it myself...

I don’t wear one either but maybe it’s good to show we don’t all support the ugly sisters. FTOF
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8 hours ago, Callum Gilhooley said:


When you were a wee boy we had rationing . emoji6.pngDon’t want that back either .


Just about remember coupons think it was for milk. On a serious note today's tops are not made from natural matiral what's why you smell so many stinking old firm fans :D

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