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the sisters brothers

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Saw this last night - and it's so much better than some of the subdued, confused reviews I've read about it.

122 minutes of great Western cowboy frontier violence and humour.  Some critics think those two don't mix well, but I'd disagree....

The Sisters Brothers are indeed hired Murderers...  and, indeed, seem callously indifferent to the carnage they wreak, but you're allowed to cut them some slack when you get glimpses of their back story and rationale for being as they are. 

Lots of laughs and lighter moments and brilliant photography - indulgent and expensive - it looks fabulous.  It's big - think Missouri Breaks or Unforgiven.

It apparently cost £36m to shoot (in Spain pretending to be Oregon and California).  Lots of Euro companies helped finance it

So the Brothers make it like a Buddie movie: badinage, banter and bitterness between them.

They are kinda chasing another couple of guys who are like two other Buddies...  and I guess by now I am starting to see why reviews are mixed.  It disnae fit any particular schematic for movie-making.

I won't say if there's a happy ending or not...    in cauda venenum...

Just go and enjoy great acting (John C. Reilly and Joaquin Phoenix chasing after Jake Gyllenhall and Riz Ahmed in a pretty fillum with a rich plot...  It'll become a cowboy classic.

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It is a good film and as you say it is different from most other westerns . The closest to it l reckon is probably Butch and Sundance and that is mainly because of the chase.

The photography is indulgent and has quite a few scenes in the dark but overall there are some stunning vistas ..

It is however becoming hard to find and you wont get it in either the Showc*se in Elderslie or at the Odeon in Braehead , despite some excellent perfomances in particular from Joacim Phoenix and Donnie Dargo. .

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