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Dundee v St, Mirren, Sat 18th May 12:30pm

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1 hour ago, foxbar_bud said:

Long shot as I think most have sold out but anyone aware of any buses with 2 seats going?


It wouldn't take long to sell out a bus with 2 seats. :whistle

Seriously tho.......dont think theres a seat to be had on any bus unless someone has organised one late on.

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29 minutes ago, elvis said:

So Dundee Saturday and Thursday.

You posted this elsewhere and I wrote -

Ho ho - give us the score in the Dee game then - you were spot on in reverse for the Hamilton game and you are my diametrically opposed Buddie! :ninja

If you want I will go first this time . . .:turtle

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On 5/14/2019 at 10:18 AM, Sweeper07 said:

If Hamilton beat the Fakes it will be a travesty - they are not a good side. They have conceded more goals and scored less than all other Premiership teams.

They are thugs not footballers... I think that like last night they will try to stifle the Fakes and hope for a draw, or perhaps get a goal on the break...

I also believe that if we win, we will not be in the play-offs... but the proof is in the pudding come next weekend.... :turtle

If they come the hard man act then that will invite fakes to have a go

they will be happy to rid themselves of 2-3 trips to the polypitch and exposure to their non footballers for a season 

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19 minutes ago, buddies1877 said:

Why do you need to be registered on the clubs system to buy a ticket away Dundee ?

Can understand home games to stop old firm fans getting in our end but away to Dundee really

I think it has more to do with plod and coin throwing than what sellic and sevco do. .but you can always ask at the office. .

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51 minutes ago, elvis said:

St Johnstone going with a bunch of kids on Saturday manager said Kearny would do the same I thought the rules were you have to go with your strongest team.

Seen that in the local Perth press, two at 16 and two at 17 year old.  Hope we make them suffer for it next year

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