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Theressa May leaving 7th June

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I for one am worried that on the above date she will ask for an extension...    😁     (I know she stays until a new PM is in place)

I also think she is rich anyway from her shampoo range . . .    and she gets PM wages for the rest of her life - poor soul... (Should our MP's not pay back their wages from the last two years for failing to do what the people voted for in a two year period?)

I heard someone on TV say Boris Johnston would be a good candidate to replace her - REALLY ??????  Man's a buffoon - someone I know who hates SNP says, "If they pick him I will vote SNP and independence at the next opportunity.

I hate politics anyhow - so hope I have not offended anyone - I only hoped one or two might get a wee smile on this... 😅

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