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St Mirren Reserves 2019/20

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there's no doubt that we produce good midfielders and even decent defender in our youth program. But to date, you would struggle to come up with a decent striker that cme through the youth. Anton Brady, and Jack Smith were probably the two most promising in recent years but neither really lit the heather for various reasons. 

While we are not unique in having this problem, If you compare that with St Johnstone, United, Livingstone, Hibs, Kilmarnock and even Aberdeen where middling to excellent strikers have been produced. If we had a Stevie May, Cummings, Murray, Russel, or Shankland coming through the ranks, it would have benefited us hugely. 

I think in someways, this is about the culture of our youth team. I get that; take a touch, look around, keep possession, find a man. Is good advice for most positions, but not for strikers. Do we need specialist forward coaches for the youth? 

Having said that, there are one or two boys that I am mildly optimistic about in that role. No jinxing. 


ETA forgot about Jon McShane. 

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I AM NOT trying to detract from the great  score, 6 to nil,  but a wee squint at the reserve league table shows that QOS have scored 2 goals and conceded 17 in 4 matches to date and sit anchored at the foot of the table...

Meanwhile we have made it up to 4th or equal points for 3rd . . .

Early days but hope we can top this division . . .   :turtle

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12 hours ago, paul torfason said:

Djorkaeff seems to be another terrible signing. I'd imagine him and junior will be out door in January.more pay offs again 

Djork will be 23 in April - I cannot see him improving sufficiently to keep him.

Junior has looked desperate to please, but well short on ability . . .   Don't disagree with your conclusions

Add in Kellerman and that is at least 3 out.

Then what's happening with McLoughlin and Baird?

Personally I would be looking for a better LB too - but goals are the biggest priority. :ninja

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