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St Mirren v Rangers (Date Change)

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"Goodwin's tactics" ; "where will goals come" from blah blah...

After the 2nd in a row summer debacle, followed by a cr*p Cup campaign, and having played 3 League games against Hibs, The Don's and The mob - we have 3 points, 2 goals against and 1 goal for - - AND Goodwin has only had a couple of months to bring 11 players in and begin to get to know them...

The real proof in the pudding is how it pans out over the season though. So for all those fans who are pinning everything on beating Livi, Ross, County and Hamilton in our next 3 games, I really do hope it works out and we pick up 7 or 9 points... BUT if it does not, it will still be very early days...

I do expect we will get goals from Obika, Morias, Andreu, McAllister, Durmus, Magennis, and the odd one from a few others... we have played 3 top 5 sides so far...

Also expect that we will have more than 1 formation and tactic . . .  we will get goals and so long as we can mostly restrict the opposition to 1 goal, we will have a chance of points in most games... :guinness

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It’s worth remembering Goodwin spent the whole of last season with the weaker, part time team in the Championship, leading them to safety and a total of around 40 Points. Every week they were playing stronger opposition - Goody clearly did a decent job with his tactics because on paper that Alloa side should have easily been relegated. Nor were they saved by having a Brechin to cover their backsides, the club who went down still accumulated 37 points.

Goodwin has been on both ends with Alloa, from being a decent League One side to being a weak Championship side, and he’s succeeded in both. His tactics against the Zombies were excellent at limiting their opportunities against us, indeed it took a fantastic free kick to deny us a point. He stated himself he wanted to see more on the attacking side of things. He knows exactly how he wants us set up, but it doesn’t mean it’s going to come off every game. The guy knows how to take these games on, this is a Sevco side who had recently put 6 past Hibs and scored plenty against a decent Danish side who would probably ease to 3rd in our league. It didn’t come off for us this time, but he’s capable of leading us to some good results this season and I have every faith in him after his impressive Alloa achievements.

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